60 videos. 50+ tools, tips & exercises on how to breath, touch, move and feel your sexual energy from 20 skilled professionals.

Ready to release your divine waters (Amrita)? Do you want to give your lover a life changing water orgasm? That’s the easy part! I have mastered the squirting orgasm and you will too.

What you find on YouTube cannot compare to this program. This sacred process unblocks your energy for waters to flow like magic.

Learn how to breathe, move, and touch with mastery. Join Now this exclusive live training designed for you and your beloved.

Get tons of valuable life changing information:

New ways to access orgasms and confidence to become the Best Lover to Yourself.

Experience the transformation of physical orgasm to Cosmic Bliss.

Live calls, tutorials, interviews and exercises to become a master of sexual energy

This online program empowers Women and Men to go beyond the sexual experience. Gain tools and practices to achieve not only powerful water orgasms, but to also strengthen your connection to joy, health and abundance into your life.

Be a Guide. Be a Cosmic Lover. BE AN AWAKENER!

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Limited offer: $497 (buy now) 


Childhood, porn & masturbation


Effects of sexual activity overdose.


Be multi orgasmic & self-pleasure


Sacred waters of the Divine Feminine & Cosmic union.

Don't miss out! Shop our special offers now. 

Limited offer: $497 (buy now) 

Testimonials  ...

The Awakening your sexual energy  program is one of those programs which helped me to understand that sexuality and sexual energy is our life source. We have to enjoy the sex process as a new form of living reaching sacred  union of two people. Mario and other awakeners gave lots of useful practices and exercises to unlock the lock in our bodies so I can enjoy the connection with 
myself or with a partner and to reach the real divine sexual explosion. We deserve to be happy with our body. In this program I realized that my temple, my home  is  my body.  The totally divine energy I get from my internal source. Love that sense of understanding. Thanks 🙏 Mario


Awakening sexual energy course is very special. It brings together many different points-of-view while sharing an extensive knowledge of the human body, male/female sensuality and the power of awakening our sexual energy centers. These  course is an invitation to be “alive” and fully express our sexuality in order to be more creative, passionate and connected to one another. It’s really expand the way I see things now more pure, transparent and  clear .

- O. 

"It feels like I'm entering a secret world of so much knowledge and expertise, on topics that are etiher shamed or just not spoken of today. Sexuality, masturbation, squirting - all that and more, in a very authentic honest setting, with people from across the world. 

This is a dive into a world of sexual energy and sacred sexuality, that you cannot access on YouTube or Google, it's an inspiration and enlightment that I wish everyone to take part of."

- Anna

"I never had any experience like it, even if I have tried lots of different coaching like Psychiatrist, psychologist, sex coach, but this is different becuase you show the real mirror of my life and share the truth about the traumas and emotions that are stuck in my body, which I wasn't able to realize. Your X-Ray eyes could see my truth and help me rise my divine energy in only 3 calls, something that I couldn’t change for the past 50 years. Thank you Body Awakener for transmitting your knowledge through my body, mind and soul, and to help me see where I was stuck and show me how to value myself to love my divine energy. Thank you from my soul! 

- Maria

"Brother thank you for unlocking my wife and the most special for me was that you made me witness her awakening.

I was crying, it help me to open my heart as a man and respect my partner for how amazing she is, fucking amazing. Hope more brothers could experince the pure bliss of your awaken guidance. Respect!"

- Mr & Miss Williams

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